My husband Chris and I were married recently. Like many brides today, I wanted a chic rustic style wedding reception. I envisioned a relaxed picnic-in-the-park atmosphere with the family gathered around wooden farmhouse tables. However, I had a really hard time finding what I was looking for. Then I found Michelle’s tables and they were so perfect – exactly what I wanted! I was floored though when she said they were moving and had to sell the business. They weren’t booking any more weddings! I was so deflated thinking my vision wouldn’t come to life.

At the time, Chris was looking to leave the high stress corporate world for simpler, more fulfilling work. We truly enjoy working together and make a great team. So we decided to take the plunge and take over Rustic Events. It’s been so great since, we have found our purpose and calling! With Michelle and Jared’s training, we’ve built new benches, belly-bar tables, sweetheart tables, added a bar and cabana, and expanded inventory. Our wedding was WONDERFUL and we are so happy to be helping other brides bring their wedding dreams to life too!


Here's a quick peek at our wedding, but we would love to meet you in person!!
Contact us to make an appointment  so we can spend some time together checking out all the inventory at our showroom!